Zomi Inkuan USA is incorporated in the State of Oklahoma and exempt from Federal Income Tax as a Public Charity of Section 501(c)3.   Zomi Innkuan USA, Inc. is in Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council since July 2014.

Zomi Innkuan USA Executive Committee THUPULAKNA September 9, 2015 Washington DC Khuapi a Lungphona Lawhcing Zomi Innkuan USA kipawlna Board of Directors pawl thukimna bangin; (a)    India gam, Manipur gamkee, Zogam sung a om Singtangmite in a kisuhkhiat sawm Zogam leitang, a thuneihna leh Singtangmite dinmun ahu dingin taangpi taangta in lungphona a bawlna tawh […]

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